The Eco-Loop Spill Proof Funnel makes fluid filling easy! Safe for most fluids, the Eco-Loop easily attaches to various sized containers and empties faster than standard fluid funnels. The unique “loop” design keeps residual fluids in the loop without leaking and safe from contamination.

Eco-Loop Features

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    The Eco-Loop seals together to prevent dust and debris from contaminating your machine the next time you use it.

    The tube is flexible and allows easy access to hard to reach areas.

    The green cap on the side of the main body pulls out and allows for smoother and faster pouring.

    Fits to several different bottle sizes. Includes a 5L Adapter.

    The small detachable end is specifically for small diameter filling ports (namely transmission fluid)

    The Eco-Loop is made from the highest quality materials and has been tested vigorously

Perfect For

The Eco-Loop can be used by a wide variety of vehicles from Boats to RVs!

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How to Use The Eco-Loop

The Eco-Loop is easy to use, get started in just 4 simple steps.

1. Connect

Attach the Universal Adapter to your fluid bottle. Do not over tighten.

2. Pour

For faster filling, open the Breather Cap.

3. Close

Close Breather Cap, stand fluid bottle upright and unscrew, reclop the loop. Do not over tighten.

4. Store

Clealy store the Eco-Loop with confidence. Keep out of sunlight and under 50 degrees.